Frequently Asked Questions

1Are your 4D Number Plates Road Legal?
Yes! All of our 4D Laser Cut Number Plates are road legal. These must conform to the DVLA Standards. Anything with unoriginal spacing or altering the letters of a number plate is not legal for road use and could land you a fixed penalty or even your license plate revoked from your vehicle.
2How long does delivery take?
Once your order is shipped we estimate 1-3 Business days to UK Adresses and 5-7 Business days to Addresses located overseas. Please check the production time of the products you are purchasing for processing times.
3Can you create a custom design?
The short answer is yes! We can create all kinds of custom designs. Please contact us via our Social Media channels for all custom design requests.
4I have received a broken item, what can I do ?
Unfortunately from time to time during the shipping process an item may be broken in transit due to the shipping conditions. Please contact us within 24 hours of receiving your parcel to notify us of any damages. We will not be able to replace any damaged items after this timeframe.